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Hey dolls, how are all of my lovely readers doing? Its been a while since I’ve done a post, I keep meaning to and, oops – life gets in the way. But I’m very excited about this one!

I’m finally posting about my lovely little holiday break to Italy with my boyfriend. We loved Rome so much in December 2016, so, we decided to pick another beautiful place in Italy to visit in December 2017, we picked the amazing Sicily and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Here are the top 3 places we explored, and I hope it inspires you to visit one day – Enjoy!

Murgo Winery

P1020924 (2)P1020859 (2)P1020867 (2)P1020959 (2)P1020825 (2)P1020931 (2)

There are so many wineries in Sicily, it was a very hard choice between them all wanting to get it right. We ended up choosing Murgo out of convenience as it was closest to our hotel and Sicilian taxi’s cost an absolute bomb – but it ended up being the best choice!

Everything about Murgo was great, their fresh wines, home grown and made food, beautiful views at every corner, orange trees and the cutest friendly dogs running around!

Mount Etna – Europe’s Tallest Active Volcano

P1020699 (2)P1020724 (2)P1020732 (2)P1020751 (2)

I was so nervous to go up mount etna but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t! We rented a car and drove up the winey roads with the most magnificent views you could ever imagine. We thought it couldn’t get any better, but we we’re absolutely blown away once we got to the first stop – 3000 meters high!

For our first time on Mount Etna we we’re recommended by a local and our hotel receptionist to go up there and explore alone rather than get a guided tour, and if you plan on going I recommend the same too!

If there is enough snow on Mount Etna you can ski on there, which is what we hoped to do but unfortunately, we had amazing sunny weather when we went.

Taormina – Ancient Greek Theatre & Villa Comunale

P1020687 (2)P1020632 (2)P1020562 (2)

P1020593 (2)P1020564 (2)

Taormina is such a pretty and authentic Sicilian town in the hills, the pretty and picturesque houses and streets are beautiful enough, but the views from the town are mind blowing.

We visited the ancient Greek theatre & the villa comunale before having lunch in a cute restaurant sitting on top of ancient roman ruins – I’ll let the pictures tell the story for this one.

There are endless places to explore in Sicily that you are literally spoilt for choice, but these are the places we chose for our 4 nights in Sicily.

I hope this has inspired you to visit Sicily one day because it is definitely worth it.
(If you are thinking about it – I recommend staying in Taormina or Palermo and booking your tours to these places from there)

Turtleneck Crazy

Hello, my lovely readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with everything you desired and, Happy New Year!! Didn’t 2017 just fly by!

Starting my first blog 2018 with a current favourite of mine – turtlenecks! My go to piece for this winter (as you’ve probably seen in my last blog Day to Night II: Winter Edition). There are endless ways to style them, but here are a few of my favourite ways to style a turtleneck.

Look 1 – Turtleneck & Oversized Jacket

P1020353-normal (2)P1020345-normal (2)

Look 2 – Turtleneck & Jumper

P1020333-.jpg-normal (2)P1020343-normal (2)

Look 3 – Turtleneck & Jumpsuit

P1020377-normal (2)P1020379.jpg-normal (2)

Look 4 – Turtleneck & Fur

P1020383-normal (2)

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Day to Night II: Winter Edition

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all doing this week? Busy Bee’s in the Christmas season, a time to relax and unwind but yet so hectic!

Rushing around getting presents in the day and trying to make it in time for that xmas get together at night – Christmas has to be the time you need an outfit that can fit into your busy day and sassy night the most right? Well, I’m back with another day to night outfit: winter edition!

Day Look

P1020297.jpg-normal (2)P1020307-normal (2)

For a cute day look I paired my light pink turtle neck with black jeans, boots and a suede jacket – add a scarf if it’s a little chillier too.

Night Look

P1020325-normal (2)P1020326-normal (2)

Taking that cute day look to a sassy night look; I switched my jeans for leather leggings, did a knot on my top, wore open toe ankle boots and for the real sass – FUR!

I’m posting this blog as I am just about to board my plane! Follow my instagram and stay tuned on my blog to find out where I’m going and all about my amazing trip!

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Ways To Style | Red PVC Pants

Hello dolls, I’m back again for your weekly dose. How are you all?

I know we’ve all seen PVC pants flying around everywhere, it’s the latest trend, its very out there, it’s sassy and I love it! Here’s ways you can style them for all occasions.

P1010784 (2)

Very simple and perfect for those winter nights – thigh highs, off shoulder and a banging jacket.

P1010719 (2)

These pants are gorgeous with a lace bodysuit and the perfect outfit for those nights out where you don’t want to wear a dress but still wanna look fabulous.

P1010731 (2)

Red PVC pants aren’t just for going out, they can be simply styled down with some boots and a check shirt.

P1010771 (2)

The perfect inbetween for casual but sassy. A cute jumper (features in Jumpers Galore) and boots.

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P.S. Follow me on depop, I sell loads of my lovely clothes on there and some that feature on my blog – https://www.depop.com/cocachelle.

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