Turtleneck Crazy

Hello, my lovely readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with everything you desired and, Happy New Year!! Didn’t 2017 just fly by!

Starting my first blog 2018 with a current favourite of mine – turtlenecks! My go to piece for this winter (as you’ve probably seen in my last blog Day to Night II: Winter Edition). There are endless ways to style them, but here are a few of my favourite ways to style a turtleneck.

Look 1 – Turtleneck & Oversized Jacket

P1020353-normal (2)P1020345-normal (2)

Look 2 – Turtleneck & Jumper

P1020333-.jpg-normal (2)P1020343-normal (2)

Look 3 – Turtleneck & Jumpsuit

P1020377-normal (2)P1020379.jpg-normal (2)

Look 4 – Turtleneck & Fur

P1020383-normal (2)

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Day to Night II: Winter Edition

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all doing this week? Busy Bee’s in the Christmas season, a time to relax and unwind but yet so hectic!

Rushing around getting presents in the day and trying to make it in time for that xmas get together at night – Christmas has to be the time you need an outfit that can fit into your busy day and sassy night the most right? Well, I’m back with another day to night outfit: winter edition!

Day Look

P1020297.jpg-normal (2)P1020307-normal (2)

For a cute day look I paired my light pink turtle neck with black jeans, boots and a suede jacket – add a scarf if it’s a little chillier too.

Night Look

P1020325-normal (2)P1020326-normal (2)

Taking that cute day look to a sassy night look; I switched my jeans for leather leggings, did a knot on my top, wore open toe ankle boots and for the real sass – FUR!

I’m posting this blog as I am just about to board my plane! Follow my instagram and stay tuned on my blog to find out where I’m going and all about my amazing trip!

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Autumn Trend Favourites | AW17

Hey Dolls, I’ve really missed blogging for you these past two weeks! Doesn’t time just go so fast? My aim is still a blog a week; I’m working on that.

I know Autumn is nearly over right? But I’m back this week with 4 of my Autumn trend favourites that I know you’ll love – inspired by London Fashion Week!


Red is definitely the colour this Autumn/Winter season, it dominated the A/W17 shows – Givenchy, Max Mara & Preen all featured looks head-to-toe in red.


I like to call this my lifeguard jacket, it’s such a bright red! From the lovely H&M.

Side Stripe Trousers

I’m sure you will have seen these a few times, there are a lot of fashion stores now bringing out the side stripes, but these are my faves.

P1010140(Definitely put too much roll on that day)P1010126

These are from HOT!MESS and they fit like a glove. Notice the red stripe too? Knocking out two trends all in one go.


Checks & Tartan are definitely making a comeback this AW17 and I’m loving it.



This is definitely a mix of  tartan and checks for me, right? My fave Tartan Long Blazer from Rebellious Fashion.


Another come back this AW17 – Shearling! I’ve always loved a bit of shearling and I’m loving it even more this year.


P1010220Now one of my fave jackets – Faux Suede Shearling Lined Jacket from In The Style.

What are your favourite Autumn trends?

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Glow On A Budget

Hello my beauties, I’m super excited to be doing my first beauty blog post, and I hope you are too because I know you’ll love this!

So I know every girl out there loves a poppin’ highlight, but sometimes they can be pretty pricey and it’s easy to assume the higher the price the better the highlight right?.. WRONG.

Your highlight can slay to the gods for as little as £2.49!! Here are my top 4 favourite highlighters that can get you glowing on a budget.

Technic Highlighting Powder: 24CT GOLD


It really speaks for itself, 24CT GOLD!! Poppin to the gawds. This ‘Technic’ highlighter is £2.49 from eBay (Seller: viola_uk).

MUA Shimmer Highlighter: Golden Scintillation


This MUA highlighter is a lot brighter, at first look I didn’t think it would look right on chocolate skin, but I absolutely love the glow it gives. It gives a very similar glow to Fenty Beauty’s ‘Trophy Wife’ at an amazing price of £3 from Superdrug.

Revolution Strobe Highlighter: Rejuvenate



Revolution’s ‘Rejuvenate’ gives a very subtle highlight with darker tones, not as golden as the other two, but it’s perfect for an everyday casual makeup look. Only £3 also from Superdrug.

Technic: Pink Sparkle


A very subtle pink highlight, I wish there was a picture of my face when I first opened it, it’s so bright! Almost looks like a white powder, I thought there was no way it would look right but I was pleasantly surprised by Pink Sparkle (£2.49 on eBay from viola_uk).

Let me know what you think of these highlighters & if you have any that that give you a perfect glow on a budget! If you aren’t already, make sure you follow or subscribe.

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Day to Night I: Blacked Out

Hey dolls, I missed blogging for you last week! My aim is to do at least one blog each week, but I’ve been super super busy – a blog a week is a little trickier than I thought when working full time & being such a busy bee. But I’m back this week with a nice little something for you.

I know we all have those days when you’re out and about all day but you also have night plans, and in between that you don’t have any time to change your whole entire outfit. No need to fear, cocachelle is here (see what I did there?). I thought I’d help you out with some inspiration for those dreaded days – blacked out edition!

Day Look


For those super casual busy days that need that style and sass, I paired these basic culottes from prettylittlething.com that are only £10 with a cute long sleeve bardot top, the one I’m wearing is from Primark for about £4 – tie it up for extra sass.

Night Look


Bring it from day to night by poppin some cute heals on, and if you have time make a quick top change. The top I’m wearing is from Topshop at £18 – not as much of a bargain as the other one.

A small 5 minute change can make all the difference and bring you from errands to elegance.

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Exploring Rome

Last year December me and my boyfriend decided to take a 5 day trip to the amazing city of Rome and today it is still our favourite holiday together, we both completely fell in love with Rome and felt so at home.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rome lately and I thought why not share my amazing holiday with you all, and hopefully convince some of you to visit the amazing city – So here are some of the top things to explore in Rome!



An obvious one, I’m sure everyone has heard of and knows about the Colosseum in Rome, and however amazing you have heard it is, times that by 10.

The day we went to the Colosseum was by far our best day in Rome.


We had a great tour guide who took us around the whole of the Colosseum (it’s huge) and talked us through the Romans history. I felt very enlightened after the tour, you learn a lot of things that you probably didn’t know about the Romans and the feeling that you get walking around the place is one that can’t even be described.

Make sure you book your tour with ‘Get Your Guide’,  they’re a great company and we had the sweet but very funny tour guide (I can’t remember his name but I think it was Frank!)





Don’t worry he’s not just drinking some random water, that is one of the many drinking fountains around the Colosseum that the Romans made many, many years ago! Their amazing fountain system still works and flows with safe drinking water (I found this fascinating).


Gianicolo Hill


Gianicolo is one of the highest hills in Rome and you can see the most breath taking panoramic view of Rome across the river.

Walking through rome 2

We used Trip Advisor’s map and walked all the way to the hill from our hotel as we wanted to explore more of the city, instead of just getting a taxi.

I was in a long sleeve turtle neck thinking it would be a little chilly in December but it was actually boiling hot but luckily my turtle neck was very thin and airy.

Walking through this part of Rome was one of the best experiences, you really get to see the real Rome not just the tourist parts, and the view of Rome at the end is incredible.



Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain

Trevi fountain is the most beautiful fountain you’ll ever see in the world (my picture doesn’t do it justice)! There’s a reason why many propose at the Trevi fountain and funnily enough we witnessed a proposal when we visited, it was such a beautiful moment filled with love and a great atmosphere with everyone clapping and cheering.

Although I wouldn’t go to the fountain during lunch time as it can be crowded with too many tourists (I struggled to find space to throw my coin because there was too many people), it’s best to visit the fountain early evening. You can still get good pictures as it wont be too dark and you have space to breath!

I don’t know what it is about Trevi but the moment you go there, you can really feel the love, it must be a happiness fountain because everyone is filled with joy!

Which brings me onto the next best thing in Rome – the best Gelato ever!!


Giolitti Gelato


Giolitti is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome and definitely the best too, and it’s just a few minutes’ walk from Trevi fountain.

We already knew about this place because we’re super organised and always do our research before we travel anywhere and of course we’re MASSIVE foodies too, we only go for the best and Giolitti is definitely that.


St. Peter’s Basilica & Square


We stayed right in the middle of the Vatican City and a short walk from St. Peter’s square, although we didn’t actually go into the Basilica (the queues we’re far too long for us) it is still a beautiful sight from the outside. If you don’t mind waiting in long queues I’ve heard the inside is absolutely beautiful and filled with lots of great history.


GOA Nightclub


If you like a good night out like we do, GOA will not let you down! We’ve had our fair share of nights out, and we both agree that this night in Rome was by far our best that we’ve had together. By some luck on the Saturday we were in Rome, Mike Dunn was playing at this club (my favourite DJ) and he played an amazing set! In a club filled with such great atmosphere and friendly people.

We were a little scared about going out in a foreign country as Rome’s nightlife isn’t known for being a place filled with tourist as other places are like Spain or Greece, we seemed to be the only non-Italians amongst the other clubbers! Although we were apprehensive, there was absolutely nothing to be scared about.

Italians know how to party and they are very friendly, we made a few Italian friends who just came to talk to us and offered us drinks, and the vibe in GOA was like no other.
If you are planning to go to Rome and want to experience it like a real local, seeing the real Rome and mingling with the Italians, I highly recommend club GOA.


Rome is one of the best places to visit in Europe, it has so much history and such a great atmosphere, we visited many places and did many things I couldn’t fit it all into one blog! You have a few tips now so what are you waiting for? Go and book your holiday to Rome!


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The Jeans & A Nice Top Saga: Part 1

Hello dolls, how are you all doing? I hope you’ve been looking forward to my next post as much as I have!

So, I know every girl reading this will agree that the most stressful dress code you can ever be told is… Jeans and a nice top! And you think, what does that even mean? It’s by far the most annoying dress code but it seems to be the go to for casual drinks, or not so casual drinks, basically everything.
If you ever struggle on what to wear for those kinds of occasions and need some ideas, you’re in the right place.

This first top is super cute, I wore it with ripped jeans to add a little sauce if you don’t want to look too cute.


This glittery top is an ultimate favourite! It’s actually a bodysuit but same thing, right? I originally wore this with a pair of black flare trousers and black barely there heels for a proper night out.

As you can see this bodysuit is super versatile – you can dress it up with trousers and heels, or dress it down with jeans and boots but either way, you’ll definitely make a statement.


It could be fair to say I have a small frill and flare obsession. This cute flared arm crop top is lovely for a drink with the girls or a date night with your bae.


As much as off-shoulder tops annoy me, I can’t get enough of them – I don’t mind having to pull my top down all night if it looks fabulous, right?


You’d think I was sponsored by them, all the tops in this blog are from prettylittlething.

There will be more parts of the jeans and a nice top saga! Posted regularly to keep you going, so hit that follow button and stay tuned.


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Trouser Obsessed

Hello dolls, so my first blog post is finally here – how exciting!

I’ve been thinking about what to write about and show you all week, I thought why not share with you my absolute favourite 4 MUST HAVE trousers (I am currently completely OBSESSED with trousers right now) every girl needs a few stunning pairs in their wardrobe.

So, I bought a pair of the very simple ‘basic jersey flare trouser’ from prettylittlething.com in the colour black, I loved them so much I got another pair in emerald green.

These trousers are honestly the bomb, they fit so well, they’re super comfy and you can dress them up or down! Just don’t do what I did and wear them while it’s raining, big mistake! But if it’s dry, these are the perfect pair of trousers to put on, in the day or going out at night & they’re super cheap too at only £12!

These lovely rust coloured trousers that I like to call ‘Frilly Freya’ are another favourite..

I wore this outfit on a day out in London with my boo, but they can also be dressed up with a cute top & a pair of barely there heels. My Frilly Freya’s are so lovely, they fit like a glove and the colour is gorgeous! I got these from rebelliousfashion.com for £14.99.

As you may be able to tell, I love a good bargain and these next trousers are another… bargain!!

I got these super cute black frill hem trousers from a shop on Ebay (lucchicouk) for only £9.99, how amazing is that? I wore these on a date night out in London, they’re so easy to wear with a nice top and a pair of heels – they make ANYTHING look cute!

Last but definitely not least are these gorgeous wide leg trousers from Bershka, one of my favourite places to shop.

So elegant and sexy, they are perfect for a nice dinner or sophisticated drinks.

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