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Hey dolls, how are all of my lovely readers doing? Its been a while since I’ve done a post, I keep meaning to and, oops – life gets in the way. But I’m very excited about this one!

I’m finally posting about my lovely little holiday break to Italy with my boyfriend. We loved Rome so much in December 2016, so, we decided to pick another beautiful place in Italy to visit in December 2017, we picked the amazing Sicily and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Here are the top 3 places we explored, and I hope it inspires you to visit one day – Enjoy!

Murgo Winery

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There are so many wineries in Sicily, it was a very hard choice between them all wanting to get it right. We ended up choosing Murgo out of convenience as it was closest to our hotel and Sicilian taxi’s cost an absolute bomb – but it ended up being the best choice!

Everything about Murgo was great, their fresh wines, home grown and made food, beautiful views at every corner, orange trees and the cutest friendly dogs running around!

Mount Etna – Europe’s Tallest Active Volcano

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I was so nervous to go up mount etna but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t! We rented a car and drove up the winey roads with the most magnificent views you could ever imagine. We thought it couldn’t get any better, but we we’re absolutely blown away once we got to the first stop – 3000 meters high!

For our first time on Mount Etna we we’re recommended by a local and our hotel receptionist to go up there and explore alone rather than get a guided tour, and if you plan on going I recommend the same too!

If there is enough snow on Mount Etna you can ski on there, which is what we hoped to do but unfortunately, we had amazing sunny weather when we went.

Taormina – Ancient Greek Theatre & Villa Comunale

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Taormina is such a pretty and authentic Sicilian town in the hills, the pretty and picturesque houses and streets are beautiful enough, but the views from the town are mind blowing.

We visited the ancient Greek theatre & the villa comunale before having lunch in a cute restaurant sitting on top of ancient roman ruins – I’ll let the pictures tell the story for this one.

There are endless places to explore in Sicily that you are literally spoilt for choice, but these are the places we chose for our 4 nights in Sicily.

I hope this has inspired you to visit Sicily one day because it is definitely worth it.
(If you are thinking about it – I recommend staying in Taormina or Palermo and booking your tours to these places from there)

Exploring Rome

Last year December me and my boyfriend decided to take a 5 day trip to the amazing city of Rome and today it is still our favourite holiday together, we both completely fell in love with Rome and felt so at home.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rome lately and I thought why not share my amazing holiday with you all, and hopefully convince some of you to visit the amazing city – So here are some of the top things to explore in Rome!



An obvious one, I’m sure everyone has heard of and knows about the Colosseum in Rome, and however amazing you have heard it is, times that by 10.

The day we went to the Colosseum was by far our best day in Rome.


We had a great tour guide who took us around the whole of the Colosseum (it’s huge) and talked us through the Romans history. I felt very enlightened after the tour, you learn a lot of things that you probably didn’t know about the Romans and the feeling that you get walking around the place is one that can’t even be described.

Make sure you book your tour with ‘Get Your Guide’,  they’re a great company and we had the sweet but very funny tour guide (I can’t remember his name but I think it was Frank!)





Don’t worry he’s not just drinking some random water, that is one of the many drinking fountains around the Colosseum that the Romans made many, many years ago! Their amazing fountain system still works and flows with safe drinking water (I found this fascinating).


Gianicolo Hill


Gianicolo is one of the highest hills in Rome and you can see the most breath taking panoramic view of Rome across the river.

Walking through rome 2

We used Trip Advisor’s map and walked all the way to the hill from our hotel as we wanted to explore more of the city, instead of just getting a taxi.

I was in a long sleeve turtle neck thinking it would be a little chilly in December but it was actually boiling hot but luckily my turtle neck was very thin and airy.

Walking through this part of Rome was one of the best experiences, you really get to see the real Rome not just the tourist parts, and the view of Rome at the end is incredible.



Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain

Trevi fountain is the most beautiful fountain you’ll ever see in the world (my picture doesn’t do it justice)! There’s a reason why many propose at the Trevi fountain and funnily enough we witnessed a proposal when we visited, it was such a beautiful moment filled with love and a great atmosphere with everyone clapping and cheering.

Although I wouldn’t go to the fountain during lunch time as it can be crowded with too many tourists (I struggled to find space to throw my coin because there was too many people), it’s best to visit the fountain early evening. You can still get good pictures as it wont be too dark and you have space to breath!

I don’t know what it is about Trevi but the moment you go there, you can really feel the love, it must be a happiness fountain because everyone is filled with joy!

Which brings me onto the next best thing in Rome – the best Gelato ever!!


Giolitti Gelato


Giolitti is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome and definitely the best too, and it’s just a few minutes’ walk from Trevi fountain.

We already knew about this place because we’re super organised and always do our research before we travel anywhere and of course we’re MASSIVE foodies too, we only go for the best and Giolitti is definitely that.


St. Peter’s Basilica & Square


We stayed right in the middle of the Vatican City and a short walk from St. Peter’s square, although we didn’t actually go into the Basilica (the queues we’re far too long for us) it is still a beautiful sight from the outside. If you don’t mind waiting in long queues I’ve heard the inside is absolutely beautiful and filled with lots of great history.


GOA Nightclub


If you like a good night out like we do, GOA will not let you down! We’ve had our fair share of nights out, and we both agree that this night in Rome was by far our best that we’ve had together. By some luck on the Saturday we were in Rome, Mike Dunn was playing at this club (my favourite DJ) and he played an amazing set! In a club filled with such great atmosphere and friendly people.

We were a little scared about going out in a foreign country as Rome’s nightlife isn’t known for being a place filled with tourist as other places are like Spain or Greece, we seemed to be the only non-Italians amongst the other clubbers! Although we were apprehensive, there was absolutely nothing to be scared about.

Italians know how to party and they are very friendly, we made a few Italian friends who just came to talk to us and offered us drinks, and the vibe in GOA was like no other.
If you are planning to go to Rome and want to experience it like a real local, seeing the real Rome and mingling with the Italians, I highly recommend club GOA.


Rome is one of the best places to visit in Europe, it has so much history and such a great atmosphere, we visited many places and did many things I couldn’t fit it all into one blog! You have a few tips now so what are you waiting for? Go and book your holiday to Rome!


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